Evan & Natalie October 18th 2013

Our Story


Met Through a Mutual Friend

Sophomore year of high school had just begun. Natalie’s friend of many years, Erin Tagan, introduced her to this silly new boy she met in English class. Natalie and Evan quickly became the best of friends.

September 12th

Graduate High School

Evan and Natalie graduated from San Clemente High School together in June of 2006. They were both excited to be starting Saddleback College together in the fall.

June 8th

Start Saddleback College

College began and they enjoyed taking classes together as much as possible. With similar school schedules, they were able to enjoy their iced caramel macchiatos together in the morning then carpool to school.

August 5th

Go To Vegas

Although Vegas was no place for a bunch of underage freshmen in college, Evan and Natalie along with their best friends, Kyle and Mollie, headed to Sin City to see Cirque du Soleil’s ‘LOVE’ show. It was on this trip that Evan and Natalie really began to share interest in each other.

February 21st

Start Dating

After being friends for several years and spending the last few months flirting with each other, Evan and Natalie decided they should officially date. They couldn’t have made a better decision!

September 14th

Trip To Alaska

The Christman’s quickly loved Natalie more than Evan and decided to bring her along on their family vacation through Alaska. It was a beautifully spectacular trip that they will never forget! (written by Natalie)

June 30th

Get Engaged

On their vacation to the East coast, Evan FINALLY proposed to Natalie at Niagara Falls! It was a long awaited question for Natalie and she quickly said ‘yes’!

July 21st

Engagement Party

An engagement party was held with Evan and Natalie’s closest family and friends to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

October 6th

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Bandy Canyon Ranch

The Ranch is nestled in the heart of San Pasqual Valley. Inspired by our breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, we have created an oasis that infuses the history of our classic grounds with a rustic beauty our guests fall in love with. The Ranch is adorned with cozy cabins that have been re-fashioned to meet all the needs of the contemporary guest while making you feel close to home.